Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another, Part Two

Dear Faculty, 
Queen Victoria Orchid, with a new (second)
blossom, & two more buds forming!
I invite you to read and comment on the Senior Class Blogs.  Most students have at least two posts up, now, and some have even more.  I hope that, as you explore what the students have done so far, you might be inspired to have your students begin blogging, too.  

Middle School faculty should feel completely free to have their students read and comment on the Seniors' posts, especially the ones about summer, but some of the "My Favorite Book From the Shawshank Prison Library" posts would also be interesting.  Upper School teachers of Seniors could certainly piggyback on these blog accounts and ask the Seniors to write course-related posts.  If anyone has any other ideas of how to put these blogs to use, please let me know.

It would be fantastic if other grade-levels started blogging, too!  If I can help any teachers set up Blogger accounts for themselves or their students, I hereby offer my services.  

Below, I've inserted a couple of screenshots of the Student Portal page where you can find links to the Senior Class Blogs.  Enjoy!

Dr N

PS:  Many thanks to Matt Whittaker for helping me get all this set up!  

PPS:  The title of this post, and the significance of the photo, will only be clear if you read some of my previous posts.


  1. I'd like to set up blogs for my Honors Physics students, or have them create their own on blogger. Did you do this for them? Or did they create their own accounts?

  2. what guidelines did you give the students?