Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just a Bit of Fun, After 20 Minutes of Practice...

When I begin teaching World War One Poetry, I always do a brief survey of pre-WWI poetry which includes Lord Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade." I usually ask for volunteers to concoct a rap version, and I usually don't get any takers, but this year, three Poetry Out Loud champs stepped up and gave it a try. I only gave them about 20 minutes to practice. Here's what they came up with...


  1. They don't have it memorized? FOR SHAME

  2. I know, Sean! No one will ever match your performance! "Is anyone familiar with this poem?" I aked. "I have it memorized." you said. I didn't believe you. And then you proved to us all that, indeed, you had it memorized. I will never forget.