Capstone Projects

A Capstone Project allows you to take your intellectual curiosity beyond the comfort-zone of the classroom out into the community where you can make a difference in the world. A link to the full guidelines is at the bottom of this page.

You get to design your own individual project and complete it during the last two weeks of your high school career. Along the way, you gain valuable experience that will help you in college and beyond.

The idea for your Capstone should spring from your genuine academic and/or personal interests. It should link your past experiences and your future goals. Your Capstone should focus on  something that you've always been curious about, some question that you've always wanted to answer, something that inspires you to be really creative. 

Your Capstone Project should be the biggest and best Project you've even undertaken. It should be the pinnacle or high point of your Marshall School experience. 

Screenshot from the complete guidelines
The Senior Cohort met over the summer to stream-line the application process, taking into consideration some feedback from the Class of 2016. We're really happy with the results.
Simpler application process this year!

See your Advisor or Dr Nygaard with any questions. --And if you want to volunteer to be on the Capstone Review Committee (you get to help us review all the proposals, and you also get to attend some of our Cohort meetings to help us set procedures), do let your Advisor or Dr Nygaard know as soon as possible.

Click on the photo below for access to the full guidelines.