Friday, May 22, 2015

Spring Wildflower Report: Mid-Season Edition

I've been visiting Jay Cooke State Park pretty much each weekend since the end of April, and we're fully into spring wildflower season now. Species after species buds, blossoms, and fades in rolling waves of color and beauty across the landscape of May. 

Wild Ginger is still blooming.
Jay Cooke State Park
And, of course, the Trilliums are blooming, although the rain we've had knocked down a lot of them.
From Munger Trail
The Trout Lily (white and yellow) has finally bloomed. They're one of my favorite wildflowers.
I love how the petals curl backwards.
See the bug on the stem?
Now, the bug is on the petals.
The flower is named after the mottled pattern on the leaves, which looks like the skin of a trout.
I've been seeing Jack-in-the-Pulpit all over the Park, lately.

For the first time, I saw Dutchman's Breeches this year. Both the flowers and foliage are lovely.
As often happens when I'm photographing wildflowers, I encountered a Flower Crab Spider. 
Bellwort is everywhere.
And I often find fungi, like this puffball.
Love that lichen, too!

This weekend, I'll be in the Park and on the Trail again. I'll also head up to Bemidji and get into the Pennington bog. I'm hoping to see some Stemless Slippers, and I'll hunt, once again, for the Ram's Head Slippers. 

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