Monday, March 9, 2015

An Evidentiary Update: Part Ten-and-a-Half of The Case of the Lady Slipper Stalker

[This is Part Ten-and-a-Half of The Case of the Lady Slipper Stalker. See also Parts OneTwoThreeFourFour-and-a-HalfFour-and-Three-QuartersSuggestions for My Dear ReadersA Note from Mrs HudsonFive,  A Plea For HelpSix, SevenSeven-and-a HalfSeven-and-Three-QuartersEightA Most Ingenious TheoryNine, and Ten.]

The Unobtrusive Magnet
After a long winter of distractions and troubles, I have discovered, Dear Readers, two things: One, that I have neglected to inform you of a small collection of clues I have acquired since we last pondered together the curious incidents of The Case of the Lady Slipper Stalker; Two, that after being inactive during these cold, dark days, the Stalker seems to be waking up, like a bear coming out of hibernation (I know, bears don't really hibernate...). Perhaps we will catch our Suspect now! 

Back in early November, if memory serves, I discovered an Unobtrusive Magnet from the "Madison Orchid Growers Guild" in my room. (I think it was on my desk, but it may also have been placed on my doorframe--I can't quite remember.) I believe I discovered it shortly after Madame Greenan had been visiting family in the Land of Cheese (otherwise known as Wisconsin, of course). Madison, WI, is not all that far from here, and I'm sure there are many folks who make the journey to that great city quite frequently... I did a quick search for information about the Guild, and turned up one photo of some of its members. Perhaps someone in our community is acquainted with one of these orchid fanciers?
Potential Suspects?
If you, my Dear Readers, have any information to share about this clue, please do let me know in the comments below. 
Front of the Postal Card

Back of the Postal Card
Shortly thereafter, in the same week, I found a Postal Card in my mailbox. There was no message upon it, and no postmark, so it had not travelled through the postal system. It is an advertisement from a local florist, Angela's Bella Flora. I have no idea what this wordless message is meant to imply. I do wonder, however, if members of the Marshall School community are simply (and randomly) sending my way all orchid-related items they encounter, in an attempt to distract me from my search for the Stalker. Perhaps my suspicions regarding Mr Diener (Prime Suspect #1) were bringing me too close to the Truth, and my colleagues have banded together to shield him from scrutiny by showering me with orchidaceous miscellanea. 
The Delicate Creation, viewed from the side.
These items had receded into the past, nearly forgotten, until just this morning, Dear Readers, when I found in my mailbox a most Delicate Creation. It is, I believe, an example of the Japanese art of Origami. Now, I am quite aware that many teachers have their students learn origami, in Art and Math courses, perhaps also in others. I suspect such lessons are also rather popular in our Middle School.
The Delicate Creation, viewed
from the front.
The Delicate Creation, viewed
from the back

I will have to investigate this matter--perhaps I can find out if any instructors have ordered quantities of pink origami paper in recent months... Or perhaps the faculty Crafting Club has been involved. (I checked with Dr Larson about this, and she declares, with adamant certainty, that no member has engaged in paper-folding during the Club's meetings.) 

Once again, Dear Readers, I count on your support--if you know (or even suspect) anything that might assist me in my inquiries, please leave an informative comment below! Clearly, the Stalker feels ignored and wants my attention yet once again.


  1. Never before have I read a blog post in which the lovely words "orchidaceous miscellanea" have been so elegantly incorporated.

    1. Thanks! I was proud of that!

    2. ...You wouldn't be using origami to teach math, now, would you? I bet it would help with fractions...