Monday, September 15, 2014

Guest Post: A Note From Mrs Hudson

[This is a guest post, written by Ms Julie Ball with the encouragement of Dr Nygaard, and it is part of The Case of the Lady Slipper Stalker.  Ms Ball has chosen to use the persona of Mrs Hudson, Sherlock Holmes's devoted landlady. Perhaps there will be more such posts in the future...]

Hudson House Flats
Duluth, Minnesota

September 2014

To:  Dr. Susan Nygaard, Ph.D.
Re: Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement, to date, is in good standing.  

Not withstanding the oddities of your Current Preoccupation, the timeliness of your Lease Agreement and the tips for Valet are noticed and certainly appreciated.* 
While it is not my place to notice nor mention Daily Habits of Tenants, I can not help but observe that you have been especially nervous as you exit the building and enter your vehicle at the beginning of a work day. And it appears to me that you hurry from said vehicle to gain entrance to the building at the end of a day. I can not help but observe an uneasiness, a wariness, in your demeanor this fortnight past. I shudder to think what you must fear, continually looking over your shoulders in suspicion.  

Please note that I am grateful that you do not exhibit the following:

  •  incredible untidiness
  •  addiction to music at strange hours
  •  occasional revolver practice indoors
  •  weird, often malodorous scientific experiments
  •  atmosphere of violence, danger
However, I have heard the muffled sound of pacing footsteps emanating from your flat deep into the night. What night terrors haunt you in the darkness I can only imagine. Such a Lady as you should be cozy at home, slippered and drinking tea while reading novels.

Please know I hold you in High Regard and am ever at your service,

Mrs Hudson

*Note: Dear Readers, You should know that Dr Nygaard's Poetic License, which she dutifully renews annually, gives her the privilege of valet parking at Hudson House Flats, and she is a generous tipper. The Valet wanted me to make special note of his gratitude. Mrs H.


  1. "Slippered," eh? Is that a hint of some kind, Mrs H, or just a pun? (I know how much you enjoy puns!)

  2. You two are so wasting your time still teaching, when you could be writing the great American mystery series--premiering with the spectacular best seller: The Cast of a Lady-Slippered Stiletto," or something like that . . . .

    1. Hi, Terry! Glad you're enjoying this!