Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Plea For Help

[This post is part of The Case of the Lady Slipper Stalker.]

To:  The League of Mathematical Scholars
From:  Dr Nygaard
Re:  Coded Message

Esteemed Scholars,

Consider this a formal request for two kinds of help from the League of Mathematical Scholars.

First, please see my blog post entitled “The Two-Pie Problem.” In that post is a photograph of a Coded Message I recently received from the Lady Slipper Stalker. Its puzzle is beyond my extremely limited mathematical skills. It would be a great help to me if your esteemed members would put their problem-solving skills to the task of deciphering it. Should you crack this most perplexing code, please send me the deciphered message via the “Send Me a Clue or a Confession!” form in the sidebar of my blog page. (Please include the names of the Scholars who break the code!)

Second—and this is a more delicate request—if you have any information for me about the identity of the Lady Slipper Stalker, I would very much appreciate it if you would pass it on, in a most discreet fashion, of course, by using, again, the form in the sidebar of my blog page. Truly, any help here is most appreciated. (Speak not a word to Mr Pearson!)

Note: If you use the form to send me any helpful information, be sure to reserve slices of Chocolate Pie as my reward to you for your help! At this time, there are 19 slices of pie remaining…

Let me offer my sincere thanks, in advance, for your time and consideration.


Dr Nygaard

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