Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's All About the "POAH," People!

The "Portrait of a Hilltopper" is an important document, like the Mission Statement, that describes the kind of people we hope Marshall grads become. It guides what we do here, in and out of our classrooms, and it can serve as a standard by which you can assess your progress toward true Topper status. In my time here, I've seen a lot of seniors achieve that status before they leave us, and for some it takes a bit longer, but I like to think we get most folks started down the road a good ways.  
From the Marshall School website
I told you on the first day of school that we'd be using the "POAH" from time to time, and here's the first way we'll use it.  After we get your blogs set up, I'd like you to choose one bullet point and describe your experience(s) with it.  Maybe you feel you've mastered that bullet point, or perhaps it's one you've been working on for a long time, and it feels like you'll never get there.  Either way, describe your history with the qualities it describes:  tell some stories, give some examples, paint a picture (pun intended) of that portion of your educational experiences.  

As with all your blog posts, I want you to 
  • come up with an interesting title
  • use the large size font, 
  • include links to reputable and school-appropriate sources, if you wish,
  • include labels for your post (they're like tags, and I've given this post a couple labels), 
  • use images that you took yourself or found on or (See this post for some info about using tools like Foter, and ask me for help, if you need to.)
  • proofread, proofread, proofread. Get a classmate to help with this, and ask me for help as well.
Besides using the "POAH" to reflect on your educational development, we'll also use it, from time to time, as a framework for analyzing characters in the novels we read. So feel free to use the "POAH" when you're preparing for discussions of our reading assignments. Remember that there's a copy of the "POAH" in the Schoology "Basics" folder.

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