Monday, May 5, 2014

One Thing Leads to Another, Part Six: Senior Blog Awards, Round One

Queen Vic's 10th bud opening!
I said in an earlier post that I might give out some awards for the best senior blogs, and I think I'll start with a first round of awards now (before Senior Projects begin), and follow up with a second round a bit later. I decided to go with the categories below, instead of just giving one person per class-section an award. Award recipients can pick up their prizes starting tomorrow morning!

Best Use of Theme (& Best Use of Images):  Maddie S wins for her art-themed blog--take a look here(Natasha K was runner-up in the Best Theme category.)

Best Writing: I'm giving this award to four students:  Mary B and Natasha K were tied in the AP Lit class; I couldn't decide between Ellie P and Clara E in English 12.

Most Courageous Posts: This award is for folks who took the most risks in saying what they really thought and felt. The award goes to Ian P, Stefan G, and Anthony M. (Runner up was Alex D for this post.)

Global Citizens: A number of seniors wrote about what it was like to be an international student, or to have a dual perspective on the world. This award goes to Nate C Hanvit O, and Sunny Wang, with Natasha K as the runner-up.

Intellectual Curiosity: This award goes to Meggan G, whose blog posts always contain something new and interesting, always make interesting connections, and always include creative labels!

Self-Discipline: This award goes to folks who published the most posts without having to be told to, without having to be urged on by deadlines:  Nate C and Julia K.  

That's it for now, I think, but I'm considering including a Most Improved award for Round Two…hint, hint. If anyone has ideas for other award categories, let me know in a comment. 

I'm also starting to think about how to do blogging next year, so if anybody has ideas about how students can/should use their blogs differently or more effectively, or about how we can make the students blogs more interesting or more useful, leave me comments about that, too. (Alex J, I'm talking to you!)


  1. Perhaps the Most Intriguing Background award should go to Calvin K?

  2. This does look refreshing after a four-hour test! Thank you for the award!