Thursday, May 29, 2014

Manifesto Day, Part Two

My English 12 students have now completed their manifestos, so as promised, here are the links. A number of the students were very nervous about reading their work to the class, but everybody survived! 

From 2B, here's Lane E's, Morgan F's, Charlie K's, Gamp L's Seamas L's, Christian O's, Tony P's, and Pierce R's. 

From 2A, here's Jack B's, Joe D's, Gao's, Kyle J's, Julia K's, Daniel K's, Anthony M's, Brady N's, Brooke N's,  Chris N's, Kori P's, and Tim P's. 

From 1A, here's Gabbi I's and Seamus M's. 

Some of these poems are quite brave and amazing, I think…

(If a few other students finish their work, I'll put up their links…) 

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