Thursday, May 8, 2014

By Request: A Cup-Game Sonnet Video

In response to my last post, Mrs GR in the College Counseling Office left a comment which included a request...
...And since she asked for it, I'm posting this video of Kori P's group from English 12, 1A, performing in Ms Oswald's room today. Enjoy! (And just try to get that song out of your head!)


  1. I love how the Middle School kids just keep on going with their homework! (And I apologize for the appearance of my thumb in the video.)

  2. Classic middle school students and classic Popo. I'd love to see this live if there are any opportunities for replays. 9:45 - 11:05 and 11:45 - 1:05 in D119 tomorrow -- or in the lunch room during MS lunch. This is just terrific. I love that you do this! Thank you!

  3. I'll see what I can arrange during CT tomorrow, Ms D, and maybe they can also stop by the CCO, too!

  4. Thank you, Dr. Nygaard and Kori's group! Now that is some rhythm! I'm debating if I could keep up with cup game while singing, but I think I'll hold off on attempting that myself and leave it to this wonderful group of students. :-)

    And I'd be game for a live demonstration, perhaps even at the US lunch. If you sit at the round tables, you can pass the cups around the table to each other. The first time you pick up the cup, the purpose is to move it closer to you (from your far left where the last person left it), which makes it easier for the pick-up switches. The last pick-up, featuring the hand switch, moves it from right to left hand. Then the current cup owner crosses arms to move it over to the next person (similar to the first set of actions in this video, except we always sat around an entire table, so the cup game could technically have been never-ending -- and these ladies seem to have a lot of variations on the theme).

    1. That is really cool! The circular version sounds really difficult, & it would be fun to see!