Thursday, March 20, 2014

An Invitation to Middle School Students!

The other day, Clara E told me about a comment that her little sister left on one of her blog posts.  It was pretty funny (and very well written). I asked around and found out that Mrs Snyder had asked some of her fifth graders to read the senior blogs and leave some comments.  
Annie E gives her big sister some sass!

She told me that some of the fifth graders were afraid to leave comments, so I thought I would extend a very special invitation to all Middle School students to read and comment on any of the senior blogs! Please do! I hear that some blogging is going on here and there in the Middle School, and that some Upper School teachers are also starting to have their students blog. That's great!  Perhaps we really are on our way to having a digital writing community at Marshall… Go blog-walking and leave some comments on posts that interest you! (Middle School students should feel perfectly free to point out in their comments any errors they might find in the older students' posts!)

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