Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Miscellany: Links for Your Viewing Pleasure on This Cold Day

"Monday Miscellany" posts contain lots of links to a variety of sources that I find interesting...

This is the SIXTH time our classes have been cancelled this school-year due to snow and/or cold! I'm pretty sure this is a record-breaker!  I hope you stay warm. Check your teachers' homework calendars--they're probably getting a bit worried now about how far behind we are...I've updated mine, and you don't just get a free pass this time (sorry)! But while you're stuck indoors, reading and doing homework, check out the following links to some cool videos.

Here's a video of Split Rock Lighthouse, taken by the Perfect Duluth Day Aerial Drone (Perfect Duluth Day is a great blog). 
Here's another video, featured on PDD, taken by Dawn M. LaPointe:  
And yet another, shared by PDD, showing the release into the wild of a rehabilitated bobcat (I'm pretty sure a Marshall parent was involved in helping this bobcat get healthy):  
And, finally, just so you can remember what summer looks like, one final video also featured on PDD, taken by Jim Richardson, who creates a lot of cool underwater videos of Lake Superior:
And...remember, the new season of BBC TV's Sherlock is being broadcast on PBS!  You can watch the first couple episodes here and here, for a limited time.

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