Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here We Go! Assignments!

If you read "Snapshots of my Summer" and then "Summer of the Sublime," what do you notice?  How are the two posts similar?  How are they different?  Which one seems better?  Why?  Better in what way?  

Can you define what kind of writing I'm doing in these posts?  Obviously, they're both a kind of personal writing, but within that category of the "personal," how do they demonstrate two different kinds of personal writing?

There are many different types of blog posts, and we'll be experimenting with several this year.  

For your first blogging assignment [due date:  TBA], I'd like you to write a post entitled "Snapshots of my Summer," in which you describe two or three highlights of your summer.  Include some photos (taken by you, a friend, or a family member) and give them captions.  Shoot for approximately the same length as my post.  I'll also ask you to apply some labels to your post, as I have done with all of mine.  

I'll help you get your blog set up, so don't worry about that now; just start thinking and drafting some notes in a GoogleDoc.  

There will be a second blogging assignment [due date:  TBA], closely related to this one, and if you're really paying attention, you should be able to predict what that assignment will be.  

As a third assignment [due date:  TBA], I'll ask you to do what I'm about to do:  share a link to a really good blog you've found, so start looking now!  (The content needs to be school-appropriate, share-able with the whole community.)  One of my favorite blogs is called The Hermitage, and it features the artwork of Rima Staines, a really good artist, in my opinion.  

(Notice how I italicized the title of Rima Staines' blog, while the titles of my blog-posts are in quotation marks above.)  

Learn to use the link button in the Blogger toolbar.  Notice that my link to The Hermitage doesn't look like this:  http://intothehermitage.blogspot.com.  Can you figure out how to "hide" the URL behind the title of the blog, as I did?  

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